The Spellbound Process:

Ever wonder  how the art from a comic book gets from start to finish?  Here's a sneak peek at the method used to create Spellbound:

The Script:


The first step is the script, which is written by me and edited by Jailbird Comics' Dustin Crocker.  I will start with a brief synopsis of the entire story, where I have broken down the elements I would like to see in each of the planned 6 (six) issues.  From there, I will set it up in a comic book script, which will include pages, suggested panels, captions, speech bubbles, and sound effects. Once I'm happy with what I have, I'll send it off to Dustin.  We'll go back and forth with edits a couple of times until we are fairly comfortable we like where the story is at, then we pass it on.

The Pencils:


This is where the real creativity begins.  Andrey receives a copy of the script, which has been broken down into pages and panels (enough for one full issue), and begins laying out the pages in pencil.  Andrey is able to turn the the script into the visual interpretation you see on the page.  Using dynamic angles, poses and environments, along with his detailed style, Andrey makes it look GOOD!!

The Inks:


Prior to writing, I was working primarily as an Inker for independent comic books.  So, naturally, I wanted to play in my own playground.  I receive the pages from Andrey (digitally), which then get printed out 11" x 17" in non-repo blue.  From there, I add in the ink, turning the page into a full black and white image.  Once finished, I scan these back on to my computer and send the files for color.

The Colors:


The inked pages are received by our buddy, MemoMemo will then take those pages, prep them all with flats (a base of solid color to separate the dimensions of the page), and then begin to render his final colors and effects.  This is all done on the computer, with some pretty AMAZING results!

The Letters:


Fellow Canadian, and inker/letterer extraordinaire, Rob, then gets Memo's final pages and adds the final touches to the book.  Rob will take my script and add it to Memo's final pages, adding caption boxes, speech baloons and sound effects, and creates the final product for print.  It's now a complete comic book!