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 The Characters:

Here is a list of some of the characters, creatures, and 'others' you'll find in Spellbound!


The main character in the Spellbound story.

Josh is a gamer; more specifically, he likes playing the trading card game Spellbound and he's pretty good at it too!  Josh finds himself, through some bizarre magical happenstance, transported to the world of Elysia; a world he thought was only part of his card game.

While there, Josh has to figure out why he's there, and how to get home.


Sister to Joshua.

Abby is a typical sibling; wants to do her thing and wants to be left alone by her brother.  She's happy sitting in her room, playing on her phone.

Just how does Abby fit in to this story?  You can find out in Spellbound, Issue #1!