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Winnings are shipped!!

Hey ya folks!

First off, congrats to the winners of the May FREE Giveaway, William and Phyllis!! Your FREE Sketchcovers are shipped and on their way to you!!

Secondly, yes, I am planning another Giveaway for a Sketchcover; haven't had a whole lot of time recently to get stuff done, so bare with me; it will be a June Giveaway, then maybe some more for July!

Inking jobs: for those that follow me on Social Media, I've completed all of my outstanding commission work, and as a result, have time to finally get to Spellbound #2!! I plan on working away on it throughout the Summer with hopes of either another Kickstarter early 2020 for Issue #2, or quite possibly put the whole thing on hold, and get the ENTIRE story finished to offer as a Graphic Novel on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What are your thoughts?? Prefer single issues, or like the idea of a complete Graphic Novel? Send me a note and let me know!!

On a side note, currently in the process of planning a Fall public appearance to chat about comics, self-publishing, etc. at the local library here in Kenora; I'll keep you posted for when I'm able to actually nail down some dates!

In the meantime, enjoy some Overwatch from my buddy Andrey Lunatik and myself:



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