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Who Doesn't Love Free Stuff?!?!

Yep, it's been a little while, and yet here we are!!

Things have been crazy busy the last little while; I won't bore any of you with the details, but needless to say, free time to be creative is a bit of a rare commodity these days.

To mark my return from a brief hiatus, I'm sharing the latest Spellbound Pinup in high res, as well as holding a contest for your chance at a free Spellbound Sketchcover, complete with cover sketch by me!! What do you have to do for your chance at a Sketchcover? NOTHING!! It is by random draw for ONLY those that are signed up to the receive the Spellbound Newsletter!! So good luck!!

Here's the new pinup; as always, pencils by the incredible Andrey Lunatik with inks by yours truly:

And, here's the 2 Sketchcovers I have up for grabs; draw will be done on May 1st, drawn by the Booger himself, Maddox!!:

As always, thanks for sticking around for the journey and support for Spellbound!! I have a couple things in the works for Spellbound that I hope to announce/show as soon as I can confirm the detail. So make sure you stick around, share with all your friends and continue to support Indie Comics!!



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