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Up and Running

After several years in the making, the Spellbound comic, created and written by me, made it's way into the world via a successful Kickstarter. Many thanks go out to the 90+ backers of the project for making it a reality, and even more to the amazing team of artists I was able to convince to work on my little book. After several more months, as the last of the Kickstarter rewards went out the door (except for 4...fill out your surveys people) I endeavored to create a place where not only could you read about the latest happenings of the Spellbound comic, but you could make purchases, read about the story/characters/artists, see some fan art and even see how Spellbound #1 got made.

With that, I give you the Spellbound Website/Online Store/Blog. Sign up to the Mailing List for updates, sale information, etc; sign up to receive notifications about the latest Blog; or just simply bookmark the site, and come back when it works for you. I hope you enjoy!!

Here's a new pinup from Andrey I haven't quite gotten around to inking just yet to get you all started:

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