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NEW Spellbound ART!!

What a way to start the whirlwind of a new year and a new decade; what better than new SPELLBOUND art to gaze at!?!?!

3 different colorists, working on 3 different Spellbound images, and all of which will hopefully culminate in one large finished product!!

Self-publishing is NOT an easy task; it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, a faithful team behind you and comes complete with the ups & downs of "what am I doing..?" I've experienced those ups & downs, the "do I continue" or "don't I" mentality, and if I do continue, how do I do it? Single issue? Graphic Novel? Always seems there's more questions than answers. I think the key is to develop a plan, and stick to it; through thick and thin, this is what "I will accomplish."

Having said that, I've debated for some time now on whether to continue Spellbound as a single issue campaign, or to finish the whole 'first book', and publish as a graphic novel. So, after much debate, I've decided that I think graphic novel form is the best way to go with Spellbound. What does that mean for you, the reader? Well, it means you may have to wait a little longer for your next dose of Spellbound. I've reworked the Spellbound story in to 5 "chapters." To date, the script is finished on Chapters 2-4, and Chapter 5 has been started. Chapter 2 is fully penciled and awaiting more of my inks before I send it off for color. My goal is to have the script completed, and pencils for Chapters 3-5 underway before the summer hits. Providing that happens, I would be looking for a late 2020 Kickstarter Campaign. So we're a year away...hopefully...from seeing this whole thing through. In the meantime, take advantage of some Spellbound Interior Original Art Sales, with discounted shipping within North America, and feast your eyes on this beauty...Pencils: Andrey Lunatik, Inks: myself, Colors: Jeremiah Skipper!!

And find these pieces for HALF OFF in the Spellbound E-Store!! Only $10 Shipping within North America!!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support on this wild journey of mine!!



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