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New art and a New Kickstarter Campaign!!

It's been a long while since I last posted; life, as it always does, sort of got in the way. I'm still working my way through inks on Spellbound Issue #2, as well as putting out another 10-page story in an Anthology which is LIVE NOW on Kickstarter!!

First things first:

Spellbound Art, Pages 02-03, and 19

And now, for the Kickstarter Campaign:

Brought to you by the fine folks of the Sketchy Bug Group, and with the help of Don Walker, I have an ALL-NEW 10-page story in the Danger Arcade Anthology with ties to the Spellbound Universe!! Pencilled by Don, with story & inks by myself, and forthcoming colors by Alonso Espinoza, this story is going to look killer!!!

I'm hoping you'll help us all out by backing this fun project, or sharing if you can't!! All help is greatly appreciated!! There are loads of incentives, including tons of PDFs, FREE comics, exclusive variants, and more!!!

Make sure you scroll to the bottom...I've added a sneak peek of Pages 01 & 02 of my new story The Fatal Flaw ;)

Here's the link:

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