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It's been 2 years??

Hard to believe it's been 2 years since by last post!! As often happens to many, life gets in the way sometimes I guess.

With that said, there's some GREAT news:

Spellbound: Issues #2 & #3 are ready for Kickstarter!! The Kickstarter will be launching THIS WEEKEND to coincide with the opening of the Winnipeg Comic Con, October 28th to 30th!! I will be set up all weekend there at table #2120.

There's GREAT rewards available in the Kickstarter:

I hope you all will continue to support Spellbound by pledging rewards if able, or simply sharing any of the Kickstarter links I post! While waiting for the Kickstarter Campaign to launch, here's a pic of the 3 covers being offered:

Thank you for the support!!

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