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Ok, I know; it's a little bit late. But better late than never!! I was supposed to have the draw done on May 1st; sadly, life (and when I say that I mean mostly school and work) got in the way.

So, I downloaded myself a Number Randomizer App, grabbed the Booger for his superior button pushing skills, and came up with the 2 numbers that choose the winners of the FREE Sketchcover Giveaway!!

As chosen by the Booger:

The numbers chosen were matched with the number of the emails as they appear on the Subscriber List. So, congrats to & on their win!! I'll need you both to send me an email here at: in order to confirm you shipping address so I can send you your Free Sketchcovers!!

So, is that it? NOPE!!

I found 1 more Sketchcover I did, so let's give that away too!!


I will have another draw, again as chosen randomly by the Booger, at the beginning (or there abouts) of June. Tell your friends, share it on social media, make sure your family members know, and more importantly, make sure they all sign up for the Spellbound Newsletter!!

And to wet your appetites a little more for the next action-packed issue of Spellbound, check out this brand new image from Series Penciller, Andrey Lunatik:

I'll be starting inks on this bad boy shortly, and Subscribers will get the first look as my thanks to you for your continued support!

Talk with you all soon!!



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