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Back online from being off-grid

Well, it's been a little while. My last post was 2+ months ago. LOTS has changed in those few months, but the good news is, we're back!

Back Online: back after a bit of a hiatus. Missed the beginning of December, but I was able to get out a Christmas Coupon today to all Mailing List Subscribers, updated my Facebook Art Page (Jeff Graham Art) and now, doing an update on the Spellbound site!!

Still have to get out the Spellbound giveaway for December; I'm planning on having FREE items on a monthly basis. It's a little part of giving back to those that help to support Spellbound and myself. I'll aim to have the giveaway chosen and sent out within the next week or so.

Off-Grid: I was offline for quite some time. Why? BIG move. The Mrs. and I packed up our youngest, our 3 dogs, and 1 snake, and moved 2000+ kms away. We're now located in the north-west area of Ontario, Canada in the little city of Kenora. Reason why? Took a new job. After 12+ of working land EMS, I've made the jump to air, and now work as a Flight Paramedic for the Provincial Air Ambulance system. Still practicing medicine AND I get to fly? Dream come true.

What else is coming: I'm currently working away on pages for Spellbound, Issue #2. Long way off being finished, but I'll stay diligent and get it all done. I'm hoping for last Spring, early Summer release. While tackling that, I'm still working on pages for Adam Lumbs The Tide Volume #2, personal commissions and anything else I can get my hands on. Always lots to do.

New Year Sale: I'm planning on having a New Year's Sale; this will be inclusive of everyone, not just Spellbound Subscribers. I make no promises on what items will be left, as the Subscribers will always get first dibs, so sign up today so you don't miss out!!

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and we'll chat again in the New Year!!


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