The first Meta-Being to take residence in the grand city of Maddox, Virginia.

Beloved by all since his first appearance; the epitome of all things good in the world.


A martial arts expert, and leader of a group of Meta-Beings found in the city of Maddox, Virginia.


A water-based Meta-Being with a strong desire to be the leader of his little group of Metas.


A Meta-Being specializing in all things frozen and resident prankster.


A Meta-Being with the ability to take any shape necessary.  He's also not overly fond of pranks.

 The Characters:

Here is a list of some of the characters you can find in The Fatal Flaw!


The main character in the Fatal Flaw story.

A former member of the Meta-Being Police Force turned Meta-Being assassin.  His now-chosen profession is balanced with being a single father of two; can he keep the secret from them?