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   Jeff Graham, writer/inker/artist                 

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Like most comic fans, my love of comics dates back to early childhood; my first comics bought off a comics spinner in a convenience store being  Amazing Spider-man #211 and Super Friends #43.  I spent years collecting comics and found myself drawn to the art; no pun intended.  That new love lead to me graduating from a Graphic Design program with hopes of becoming a comic artist.

Then life got in the way a bit.  Many, many years later, the itch struck again, but this time it was different.  It was the inks I was drawn to and later studying; the contrast of the black & white standing out on a page and the ability to turn a penciled image into a full black & white image with the use of lines and textures to separate images appealed to me.

That love of inking, along with lots of practice, led me to my first published comics work as an inker; Longhunters #3.  It was 8 pages over penciler Ben Ferrari for Earthbound Studios.  That one project led to the next; Arcana Comics' Deadly Harvest, inking over talented Rubus the Barbarian for 96+ pages.  These two books led to more, which led to more: Tokyo Wonderland, Aqueous, The Carriers: Cher Ami, The Team, The Further Adventures of the Grenadier, Agent: Wild, and Reaper Corps.  Add in to that multiple publisher pitches, pinups and commissions...I was a busy guy, and I'm incredibly grateful that I still am.

That brings me here; or rather, an idea I had that 2 of my children helped see to fruition has brought me here.  Inspired by random ideas thrown at me by Abigail and Joshua while on summer trips to Rock Point Provincial Park, mixed with a few of my own, gave birth to Spellbound; the story of a young boy named Joshua who is drawn into a world he thought was only part of his card game.  I hope you enjoy what I've done thus far; I've got lots more ahead.

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